Rydlemere Sushi Factory – Foundation for Food


Tucked away in the bustling industrial heart of Rydlemere, this new Sushi Factory wasn’t your average pour; it was a labyrinthine masterpiece of over 2,000 square meters, crafted to create the perfect environment for culinary magic.

The Challenge

Managing an intricate network

Multiple cool rooms and freezers requiring precise temperature control and seamless integration within a complex interconnected system.

Addressing elaborate requirements

From precise floor slopes and intricate drainage systems to strict adherence to hygiene regulations, handling a colossal logistical challenge.

The A1 Auscrete Group Solution

Phased pouring strategy

Breaking down the maze into manageable sections, we minimised disruption and ensured each area met its specific temperature and hygiene requirements.

Laser-guided precision

Every slope, every corner, and every drain was carefully calculated and poured to exact specifications, creating a perfectly functional environment.

Prioritised safety and hygiene

Maintaining a spotless worksite and enforcing strict safety protocols, we delivered a flawless foundation without compromising anyone’s well-being.

The Result

Durable Concrete Flooring

Over 2,000 square meters of seamless, durable concrete, perfectly suited for food production.

Precision Cold Storage

Multiple cool rooms and freezers precisely calibrated for optimal temperature control.

Hygienic Flow Systems

Efficient drainage systems and hygienic floor slopes to ensure cleanliness and safety.


Exceptional durability
  • Over 2,000 square meters of concrete poured
  • Multiple cool rooms and freezers with precise temperature control
  • Seamless drainage and hygienic floor slopes
  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • Zero safety incidents
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