Orange Town Centre Project, From Hardwood to High-Tech


The beating heart of any town deserves a space that reflects its vibrancy and dynamism. Which is exactly what we achieved with the Orange Town Centre refurbishment. We transformed the tired, worn-out hardwood floors into a sleek, modern, and incredibly durable concrete surface.

The Challenge

Tight timeframe

Completing the project within an ambitious 8-month deadline.
Logistical complexity.

The A1 Auscrete Group Solution

A phased approach

We broke down the project into manageable tasks, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

Innovative techniques

We employed specialised equipment and optimised schedules to expedite the process without compromising quality.

Open communication

We maintained constant communication with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone was informed and was on the same page.

The Result

Exceptional durability

Built to withstand the heavy foot traffic of a bustling shopping centre for years to come.
Ease of maintenance The low-maintenance surface simplifies cleaning and upkeep.


Exceptional durability
  • Overall, 5000 square meters of concrete poured
  • Zero safety incidents
  • Project delivered ahead of schedule
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