Dickson Village Project (ACT) – A Retail Masterpiece


We provided complete concrete solutions for Coles and ensured everything was finished to perfection. From cool rooms and freezers to trade floor, back of house, and loading dock, along with car park basement, kerbs, and external outdoor area, find our concrete solutions throughout Coles.

The Challenge

Cool rooms and freezers

Coles needed a durable trade floor, including temperature-controlled spaces like cool rooms and a freezer it demanded precise measures.

Diverse needs

From accommodating an expansive loading dock to intricate external works, the project demanded a range of customised concrete solutions.

The A1 Auscrete Group Solution

Phased the project for maximum efficiency

We minimised disruption to adjacent areas and ensured timely completion with an agile workflow.

Specialised techniques

From thermal insulation for the cool rooms and freezers to high-performance acoustic flooring for the trade floor, we tailored our approach to each area’s needs.

Prioritised safety and collaboration

Working in close coordination with everyone, we maintained a schedule that involved the least disruption to the people around us and took all safety measures.

The Result

Resilient Foundation

A flawless, durable concrete foundation for Coles and all surrounding units.

Temperature Management

Cool rooms and a freezer equipped for optimal temperature control and food safety.

Efficient Delivery Hub

A functional and aesthetically pleasing loading dock to streamline deliveries.

Integrated Cohesiveness

Expertly executed external works, blending seamlessly with the existing Dickson Village landscape.


Exceptional durability
  • Specialised concrete solutions for trade floors, cool rooms, freezers, loading docks, and external works
  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • Zero safety incidents
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