Rydlemere Sushi Factory – Foundation for Food

Tucked away in the bustling industrial heart of Rydlemere, this new Sushi Factory wasn’t your average pour; it was a labyrinthine masterpiece of over 2,000 square meters, crafted to create the perfect environment for culinary magic. The Challenge Managing an intricate network Multiple cool rooms and freezers requiring precise temperature control and seamless integration within […]

Dickson Village Project (ACT) – A Retail Masterpiece

We provided complete concrete solutions for Coles and ensured everything was finished to perfection. From cool rooms and freezers to trade floor, back of house, and loading dock, along with car park basement, kerbs, and external outdoor area, find our concrete solutions throughout Coles. The Challenge Cool rooms and freezers Coles needed a durable trade […]

Orange Town Centre Project, From Hardwood to High-Tech

The beating heart of any town deserves a space that reflects its vibrancy and dynamism. Which is exactly what we achieved with the Orange Town Centre refurbishment. We transformed the tired, worn-out hardwood floors into a sleek, modern, and incredibly durable concrete surface. The Challenge Tight timeframe Completing the project within an ambitious 8-month deadline.Logistical […]

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